Tips to Maximize Laser Production

One of the best things offered by a laser engraving and cutting system is that the system can be used to quickly etch a pattern or even cut out an extremely intricate design. However, most laser operators are still searching for ways to improve their productivity. Some tips and tricks that can be used to ensure that a laser is being used to its highest potential can be found here.

Adjust the Laser’s Resolution

When increasing output, it is important to consider the laser’s resolution. Clear images are a must for any engraving project. However, the higher setting the DPI is on, the longer it will take to engrave the selected item. The DPI stands for the dots per inch, and if the DPI is high, it means the dots being engraved are going to be closer together. This produces a much more detailed final image. The drawback is that it takes much more time.

When a user reduces the engraving resolution slightly, they can save a significant amount of time. To offset the lower resolution, consider using various patterns that may not be as detailed.

Use Color Mapping

Color mapping can also be used to help save engraving time. If a person is working on a design with three columns, each with 20 names, the laser is going to view this as one image by default. The laser head is going to move over the white space between the columns to create the graphic. With color mapping, all the white space can be skipped by assigning each of the columns a different color and an engraving order. When this method is used, the laser will engrave a single column at a time.

When it comes to laser engraving, there are more than a few factors to consider. Understanding how to reduce the time the job takes can help a person use their engraver more efficiently. Additional information about laser engravers can be found by taking the time to read a BOSS LASER review. Being informed is the best way to ensure that lasers are used as efficiently as possible for any project taken on.